Friday, May 30, 2008

He's Been Called!

Yesterday was the big day. My little brother got his mission call to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He will serve in parts of Canada as well. He's got three months before he enters the MTC on August 27! Scott we are so excited for you and we know you will do a great job serving the people in Minnesota.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

For Chris' Aunt and Uncles going away party I offered to make a cake. Thanks to my friend Martha Stewart...I mean Lindsay it turned out great. Take a look for yourself.
Colors not intentional...GO SKY HAWKS!

Hiking With the Family

Let me just say, "Beautiful Weather!" Man it doesn't get better than this. We woke up to a great day, so we packed up the girls, Sydney included, and went for a hike. Chris said, "He had been wanting to get to know the mountains around us," and that is just what we did. Brooklyn started out strong. She wanted to do it all by herself. On the way back it looked a little more like this. We will be doing this again we had a blast

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Enjoying Life

Not much has been going on at the Burr house. We have been living the good life not having much to do! Of course I do have some cute pictures of my girls.
Brooklyn happily riding in the car.
Kisses for everyone! Brooklyn is our love bug.
What a happy baby. She just loves to swing...but it is getting way to hot to have my girls outside during the day. Today it's 105*!

Oh and Chris and his brother Jeremy have been working very hard to get out concrete poured in our backyard. Saturday is the big day!

Looks like some critical thinking is taking place here!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


For crying out loud. When Chris is at work his dog gets all sad and lays around all day. I have had to start keeping my bedroom door shut because Sydney will lay on my bed all day. Today I walked in and caught Sydney and Dodge laying on my bed. They are going to find themselves locked outside soon enough if they can't learn that bed is mine and to stay off!

Pink Polish

While dad was at work today we busted out the Hot Pink Nail Polish! Something we don't do while he's home. These are special times for a mom and her girls. Brooklyn did great she sat so still, which I had always thought was physically impossible for her and she just kept telling me "pretty mommy pretty!" She loved it and so did I!


While in Provo we were able to pack in 2 weddings. My cousin got married on Friday and my roommate Jamie got married on Saturday.Congratulations newlyweds!

Women's Conference: What a Blast!

Leaving an hour later than expected we were on our way to Provo. It took us close to 12 hours to get there, due to the fact my mom tried to get arrested. Once we got to Provo we checked in to the dorms. My sister and Grandma had made our beds! My blanket was too short for the bed and had multiple holes. Thursday morning we were up and ready to run all over the BYU campus (my sister and I in matching colors.) Literally we ran from class to class. Our last class was the furthest. We decided to take the shuttle. Natalie was the line patrol and she proudly held her sign. All of our classes were great! Exhausted doesn't begin to describe how we felt. Maglebee's was our choice for dinner. Oh and it was so good...the fresh hot rolls! Friday was an exciting day we knew we were going to get to hear President Monson so we tried to keep our energy levels up so we could stay awake through his talk. It was all so wonderful to be able to sit and listen to these speakers and feel the spirit so strongly. I enjoyed spending time with my family and knowing that my girls were home safe with their dad!