Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh we were happy!

We did it. We took the girls to Disneyland. I love that place and I couldn't wait to have my whole family there. We drove down with Mama Lori and Papa Blake. The girls did great in the car. On our way down we stopped at Bob's Big Boy's for dinner. Brooklyn was fascinated with Bob. We made it to our hotel and we were all able to fall asleep. Chris made me stay in bed until 7:00 before I was allowed to get up and shower. I was so excited! We had breakfast and then walked over to the park!
Brooklyn wore her Snow White dress all day, including her high heels.Once we were in we were ready to go! Brooklyn will tell you a couple of the rides made her nervous and she isn't kidding I have proof. She even rode the Matterhorn. We only got to see a few characters. You have to wait in lines for up to 2 hours to see them. And yes this mother did just that, so her daughter could see some princesses. Brooklyn I love you!Yes, Jasmine is mocking Hailey.

Our trip would not have been complete with out getting some goodies at Pooh's Corner.The girls had the time of their life and I have never smiled so much enjoying them enjoy themselves. Chris thanks for taking our family on a wonderful vacation. Both girls were asleep by the time we got to the car.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our stay-cation!

My mom was telling me that stay-cations were out, but when vacations are expensive what do you do? You have a stay-cation anyways! Christopher took off to Virginia Beach for a week of dog training with Ruby and the girls and I played. We took turns staying with our three Las Vegas Grandma's and enjoyed every min! Grandma Burr took us a out to lunch and to play at the park, we also watched movies and had ice cream sundaes. I don't have pictures of any of that. It was so nice of her to take some time to play with me and the girls with a huge weeding coming at the end of the week!Grandma Truman has a cute little puppy, she really loves grandma and was a little jealous of the girls getting all of the attention. She got used to us by the time we had to leave!
Grandma Nelson took us on an adventure to the Bellagio. It was beautiful!
We saw the butterfly habitat. They have some huge butterflies! We had lunch and then went to see the chocolate waterfall!Day 2 at Grandma Nelson's house we went to the mall of course. She treated us to a ride on the merry-go-round. How nice of her!Hailey kept saying, "I want off!" I was ready to jump off too. I almost lost it.Grandma is training Brooklyn to be a great shopper.
Chris' brother Jeff got married on Saturday. Chris missed the wedding by about ten mins. He had gotten stuck in NC. He made it for the pictures and reception. Brooklyn smelling the flowers on the temple grounds!
The beautiful bride and groom just mins. after being married!
We also enjoyed Easter with lots of family!

Papa Burr was so cute to help Hailey. For not seeing them very much she sure loves him and Mama Burr!

Aunt Connie helping Brooklyn find some eggs!

Brooklyn, with some help from Uncle Paul, found the golden egg with money!!
Chris and Jason trying to bounce all the big kids. I'm surprised it didn't break!
All of the Truman's after a great egg hunt!

Brooklyn in all her glory. The Easter bunny brought her princess stuff.

Hailey found lots of eggs. She would have found more, but she realized they had candy and had to stop and eat!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Burr's are going BLUE!

Oh yeah that's right today Chris and I found out that we are having a BOY!!! I cried I was so excited. Here is a little proof that it's not a girl. Chris has been talking about all the things a dad gets to do with his boy. Both of us and the girls look forward to a brother. I was laying in bed at nap time thinking of what my new vocabulary will consist of. Instead of lovebug, and sweetheart, it will be little man and I hear my sister call her boys dude alot. I'll work on it. Oh I am just so happy. Kinda silly huh when we don't even get a choice. I feel like in need to go buy a baseball hat or some trucks and stuff. I have nothing blue or boy in this house. I have pink, blankets, pink sheets, pink bows, and lots of dresses! Did you hear that mom we need to go shopping!!! Yeah for babies and yeah for our boy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Personal Hairstylist

Brooklyn cut her own hair today. It was so not funny that no I didn't take pictures, but we are headed downstairs to try and make it look cute. Wish me luck. Why couldn't this be an April Fool's post?