Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Truck

Once we got back to Vegas we knew we needed to get a new car...but what would it be? A truck of course. Every man needs a truck! It's nice and new and oh so big! It will be a fun car to have especially when we head up to the mountain.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Disney Magic

Grandma really out did her self. Her 75th birthday will always be remembered. And it was so perfect to have the family all together!

What a great looking family!

Once we figured out how we were going to get to the cruise ship after I crashed our car we were headed for a good time. So many wonderful things happened and we enjoyed seeing our entire family. Brooklyn could not have been more excited. She got a note from MICKEY one night, she just kept saying " Oh...My....Gosh!" She just believed in all of it and knew it was so real. We played BINGO and no we didn't win the $12,000. Dang! We went to the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Puerto Vallarta is the greenest most gorgeous place. Chris and I were able to do some hiking, zip lining, and repelling down waterfalls there.
There was lots of dancing going on. Chris took Brooks out dancing till 11:00 one night. She loved every bit of it. And oh does she have some moves.

We had such great service. That part was hard to leave behind. Now I am back home making dinner and cleaning my own house. It's so not fair. The towels they left for us were very fun. It was always exciting to go see what was left on our bed and try to figure out if it was a "lobster" or an "armadillo."

Brooklyn had some people on her list that she needed to meet. Cinderella of course and Goofy was a close second.
It was alot of fun to swim, but the ocean in Mazatlan was so warm it beats any ocean or pool I have ever been in. Jason and Brooks had a good time swimming. It only lasted a little while because Brooklyn was "cold cold cold!"
Chris and I were able to spend some time alone. Thanks to his sister who was a wonderful nanny! Hopefully she didn't feel like a slave. She was wonderful and we loved having here there.
Arr..Pirate night was a hit with the girls. They are the cutest pirates I've ever seen!
Thanks Grandma I hope this was as much fun for you as it was for us! Happy Birthday we love you!

We're Back!

Our trip started in Ontario CA. Chris had to go down for some FEMA dog training. The Evans also came down. Melanie, Brittany, and I had lots of free time while the boys trained. We took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm. Brooklyn was in heaven she got to ride the rides all by herself. We did some shopping, lots of eating, and we even visited a farmers market where Brooks rode her first pony! There was one very sad moment in our trip. On my way back to the hotel I got lost and I ran a red light (not noticing it) and totaled Chris' Jetta. Brooklyn and I were the only ones in the car. I had some sores on my arm from the air bag and a huge bruise on my knee, but besides that everything was fine. Now we are in need of a new car...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bon Voyage

We are heading to California for our big family cruise. Happy 75th birthday Grandma! What a way to celebrate! And yes we will be meeting Cinderella!!