Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Day of School!

Brooklyn had her first day of school today. She is going to Somerset Academy! There were tears this morning because I curled her hair and made it look "crazy". Sorry Brooklyn I love you and I wanted you to look cute. Chris was able to take the day off and be there for this big day. He gets the Father of the Year award. Even Grandma Nelson came. She is one very loved girl. Brooklyn if you read this when you are older we all love you very much and wish you the best as you grow and learn! Here are some pictures of the morning:

Pictures with mom and the kids
Her very nice teacher Mrs. TannerWith dadLook @ that huge backpack. Thank you Grandma Nelson! She loves it!In her classroom ready to learn


Anonymous said...

Great pics and glad to see your kids and hope they have fun at school and you too

Phillip K.

Grandma Nelson said...

Holy cow! Is that backpack big enough?! Brooklyn looked so big sitting at her desk! What a girl!

Crystal said...

She looks so cute in her little uniform. That will be great having her at the charter school. (I was sad though because I think she and Harlie would have been in the same class at Bozarth.)

Rebecca said...

She's so cute. I can't believe our girls are already big enough to go to school.

Chelsea said...

Holy Cow...did you blog? :) Can you believe you have a kid in school? Brooklyn is so cute and will love school!